Ice Blacks see opportunity in 2015

Ice hockey is a winter sport–and unfortunately for those us on the wrong (right) side of

Gold Coast Blue Tongues left out of AIHL

The 2015 AIHL schedule has released and unsurprisingly, the Gold Coast Blue Tongues aren’t in it.

On why the AIHL must be amateur

The Australian Ice Hockey League is an amateur league. If you’re wondering, “Who is the idiot

2014 AIHL Finals Guide for Attendees

With such a huge weekend of hockey ahead of us, it’s easy to lose sight of

Playing by your own rules (Part 2)

As we’ve seen, the statistics show one side of the story; there is also the visual,

Playing by your own rules (Part 1)

As the 2014 AIHL season draws to an end, officiating has remained a hot topic of