Rick Parry & the Adrenaline must win nowThe Adelaide Adrenaline are at a tipping point in the 2013 AIHL season.

After eight games, the Adrenaline are currently in seventh place out of eight teams in the AIHL, albiet with the least amount of games played of any teams. Just two of their eight games were played at Thebarton Ice Arena.

Adelaide’s three outright wins and five outright losses puts them at 9 competition points and a 37.5% winning percentage.

The Adrenaline have been handicapped by representative duties and injuries, but over this past weekend had most of their full team. Missing was Charlie Huber, concussed in a spectacular collision in Newcastle on the 25th of May. Josh Harding was also absent, a crucial piece in their defence.

On current form, the Adrenaline are one of four teams likely to be fighting for the fourth and final place in the 2013 AIHL Finals.

Against the Bears last weekend, the Adrenaline split results with a clear win on Saturday followed by a clear loss on Sunday.

For Adelaide to make the finals, they must start to win a majority of available points.

Both the Adrenaline and Ice Dogs have been masters of “coming home with a wet sail” in past seasons, throwing themselves into a desperate winning streak to knock other hopefulls from finals contention.

The 2013 AIHL season is different.

The Bears, Mustangs, Thunder and even the Knights are all in with a good chance of winning a finals place.

The Adrenaline have the side to do it. The Adelaide bench is short but experienced, and supported by an excellent selection of imports and boosted by the presence of Ice Black starting goalie, Rick Parry.

The Perth Thunder are in the same position as the Adrenaline. The double between these two teams in Perth this weekend could well be the tipping point for either team.

Win six points, and jump into finals contention.

Take zero points, and risk missing the finals.

Split the weekend, and remain in purgatory