One of Adrenaline buses rolled while travelling to Phillip Swim & Skate on 19th July 2014.

One of two Adrenaline buses rolled while travelling to Phillip Swim & Skate on 19th July 2014. Photo courtesy of Lee Gaskin.

Following the unfortunate bus accident in Canberra, the Adelaide Adrenaline have been forced to postpone two of their eight remaining games. One against the Brave in Canberra (Game #77), and one against the Bears in Sydney’s North West (Game #79).

Now we’re reassured that the guys are OK and hopefully fit to play out the rest of the season, the headache will be trying to fit these two games into the five remaining weekends in the AIHL.

Fortunately, the Adrenaline have two bye weekends in that time. The first is the weekend of the 2nd/3rd of August, and the other the 23rd/24th of August.

The issue with the 2/3 Aug weekend is that the CBR Brave are playing on both nights that weekend.

After some problem solving, Hockeywise has determined four possible alternatives:

Option 1:
Game 79 (Adrenaline at Bears) played Sat 02Aug
Game 77 (Adrenaline at Brave) played Sun 24Aug

This option is the best option. It has two financial disadvantages for the Adrenaline (extra flights & Monday return), but the greater responsibility for playing a rescheduled game lies with Adelaide.

Option 2:
Game 90 (CB @ SB) moves from 03Aug to 24Aug
Game 79 (AA @ SB) played on Sat 02Aug
Game 77 (AA @ CB) played on Sun 03Aug

This option allows the Adrenaline to play a reverse copy of what they were intended to play this last weekend. It has a financial disadvantage for the Adrenaline (Monday return) and a financial disadvantage for the Bears (double-header at home vs Brave will cause drop in gate sales).

Option 3:

Game 83 (SB @ AA) played for double-points
Game 103 (CB @ AA) played for double-points

This option is simple but not very desirable. This option means all points are played for, but with a home advantage to the Adrenaline, and both the Bears and Brave miss out on a home game and the gate.

Option 4:
AA defaults on game 77 & 79, Brave & Bears awarded 3 points each

This option would cost the Adrenaline six points that they haven’t been able to play for. It also means a loss of gate for both the Bears and the Brave.

Thanks to Ellie-Marie Watts and Lee Gaskin for their contributions.