Even for a struggling side June was a forgettable month on the ice for the Canberra Knights. Winless and often uncompetitive the Knights performances this past June stood out as among the poorest seen in the AIHL in recent years.

Canberra were poor in June. A comparison of the available data over a number of measurements from 2006 to now highlight how poor the Knights performances were.

Canberra Knights in June 2013

The core team stats for the Canberra Knights in June read as follows:

Games played: 8
Wins: 0
Losses: 8

Goals For: 10
Goals For Average (GAA): 1.25

Goals Against: 64
Goals Against Average (GFA): 8

Leading scorers:
Jordan Braid: 8 points (4 goals, 4 assists)
Jordan Gavin: 3 points (2 goals, 1 assist)
Harry Byers: 3 points (1 goal, 2 assists)
Matt Luoma: 3 points (1 goal, 2 assists)

Total Goals Against

Across eight matches the Knights had 64 goals scored against them, 38 of these conceded in a three game stretch from June 15th-23rd. This ranks as the second worst monthly return ever for the Knights. Their worst return was 71 in August 2006, a month that began with Newcastle inflicting an AIHL record 21-2 defeat upon the Knights.

This is the third time that Canberra have conceded more the 50 goals in a calendar month and the fourth time in the AIHL this has occurred as, shown below.

Highest Total Goals Against  in a calendar month (Min. 4 games)

GA Totals Canberra June 2013

In both June 2013 & August 2006 the Knights conceded 10+ goals in a game on three occasions, this is the only second time this has happened since 2006 in the AIHL.

Goals Against Average

Canberra’s Goals Against Average (GAA) in June of 8 goals/game is the third highest since 2006. The Knights are responsible for three worst monthly GAA’s with the Knights August 2006 effort leading the way with a GAA of 10.14/game followed by 8.6 goals/game the averaged in August 2010.

The 3 goals per game conceded in Perth was much more competitive than their calamitous Melbourne road trip where they were running at a GAA of 9.67 goals/game.

Highest Goals Against Average (GAA) in a calendar month (min. 4 games)

GAA Totals Canberra 2013

Goals For Average.

While the Knights defensive efforts threatened to break league records, there was little in Canberra’s offence in June to warm the hearts of the Knights long-suffering supporters.

The Knights total of 10 goals was not their lowest monthly tally, their Goals For Average (GFA) of 1.25/game set a new low for the club and only second to the Mustangs 0.80/game from last year as the league record low.

Below is the tally of the lowest monthly GFA’s in the AIHL.

Lowest Goals For Average (GFA) in a calendar month (min.4 games)

GFA Totals

Canberra was only marginally better in May when the team could only manage 1.83 goals per game over six games. The last team to produce consecutive months with a GFA under two was the Central Coast Rhinos in July-August 2008 where they could only manage 1.5 & 1.85 goals per game respectively.

The Knights have produced more competitive performances over the past two weekends including Saturday’s shootout loss to Adelaide. With key players Mark Rummukainen, Mikko Jortikka & Maxime Suzzarini back on the ice it appears there will not be a repeat of these numbers in July.


Notes on the stats collated.

  • Only AIHL regular season and finals games included. Pre-season, exhibition and Trans-Tasman Champions League matches are not included.

  • Only played matches are included. Scorelines for forfeited/cancelled matches excluded. In the case of double points games the result & scoreline is only counted once for the game that was played.